K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/16/19

45 Music Videos this week as we get the amazing comebacks of MAMAMOO and Epik High. We also see new music from GWSN, DreamNote, 100%, Joosuc, Loco, Yeri and more! Lesser known artists to check out are Lily, Land of Peace, GRACHI, Adios Audio, and Achtung.

Full Playlist


MAMAMOO “gogobebe”


Chawoo “Sad”


YunB Feat. 뱃사공 “Alcoholic”


Dong A “시간이 멈췄으면 해”


ARGON “Master key”


Lily “Bright Day””


Saebin Feat. Sieun “Some Night”


Woo Feat. GIRIBOY “호불호”


Land of Peace “Coastal Night Out”


Wooseok X KuanLin “I’m A Star”


Epik High Feat. Crush “LOVEDRUNK”


Lim Hyunjung “saudade”


Nini Blase “Put My Name On It”


nov Feat. Colde “Golden Hour”


DreamNote “Hakuna matata”


Jang Jane “EungbongGyo”


Verbal Jint “Hey VJ”


12DAL “무슨 봄이야”


Kim Yoon Hee “Rain Drop”


Jaeil Jung “A Prayer”


YUMDDA Feat. chaboom “pow pow”


TURBOY Feat. Turboy Friends “flower”


GRACHI “Alive But A Lie”


Goonight “When it all began”


Airman “Child”


MJRed Feat. Trigger “LE GO – le go lego”


JANNABI “For lovers who hesitate”


GWSN “Pinky Star (RUN)”


Jeong Jia “Scene”


Adios Audio “Make One’s Way”


YERI “Dear Diary”




100% “Still Loving You”


Joosuc Feat. Reddy “Home”


Yeo Journey “Burnin'”


Achtung “Hold On”


LAYBACKRECORDS Feat. 마진초이, Chaboom, DSEL, 오아이, Leebido “백장미”


최사랑 “헛사랑”


Kang Myung Bo “Lovely Memories”




VSiiGN w/ JK Kim Dong Uk “ESCORT”


EDEN “Suffering For Love”


Sumi Jo “I’m A Korean”


審心 Project “All, Spring”


Owen Ovadoz “Diamonds (lose yourself)”