K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 03/02/19

39 new music videos this week that sees the latest song from (G)I-DLE and it is another jam from them. We also have new music from Swervy, Kang Min Kyung, YOYOMI, Sik-K, and more. Lesser known artists to check out this week are Blue Lamb, LEEVIAN, OBON, and The Poles.

Full Playlist


(G)I-DLE “Senorita”


Swervy “Red Lite”


FEB “Real Love”


S2REN “No Where? Now Here!”


niahn “Broken Hurt”


Slick O’domar Feat. Paloalto “건배와 평화”

cjb95 Feat. Kim Ximya “SLIP SLIDE FALL”


Red house Feat. Lake “LOL”


YOYOMI “Please Don’t Stop”


Hong Dongkyun “You and me”


24 Flakko Feat. pH-1 “Never Again”


Jihoon Shin “Wireless”


Zap hardy, YunGGI “OxO”


Xeuda “A Certain Day”


JERASTAR “Learn A Lesson”


GIANT PINK “Mirror Mirror”


A train to autumn “Farewell Again”


LoyeL Feat. 달지 “Taken By Me”


OBON Feat. nov “Good Time”


NEIGHBRO “I’m fine”


Los Feat. Dok2 “Hustle”


Park Yu Chun “Slow Dance”


Basick Feat. Mckdaddy “Manbogi”


Kang Min Kyung “Because I Love You”


Hong Joo Chan “A Song For Me”



dosii “lovememore”


Blue Lamb “Fish In The Water”


Joy O’Clock “So Sorry”


ClaD “Old Trail”


Kwon Jin Ah “Tell me about your day”


Yoon Jong Shin “모난돌”


Ha Sung Woon “BIRD”


CHS “Soul Overload”


LEEVIAN “Every Night”


LOANN “Let You Go”


The Poles “Sun Shower”


Mokyo “Something”


Dbo “I Could Do Dead”