K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/16/19

48 music videos on this packed week of huge hits. We have the debut of new JYP girl group ITZY, and the solo debut of Hwa Sa of Mamamoo. We also have comebacks from Dreamcatcher, TAEMIN, KEY, INFINITE, Junoflo, and more! Lesser known artists to check out this week are TSUN, Iony, Samuel Seo, and Uk.

Full Playlist




Hwa Sa “TWIT”


Dreamcatcher “PIRI”




JERO “Judge”


JISOOK “The way we were”


6band “Just Memories”


Chungwan “Don’t Forget”


CHS Feat. Alan Akaka, 김오키, 태윤, 김도연 “SeoulMong”




TST “Wake Up”


Balming Tiger Feat. Omega Sapien, Byung Un “Armadillo”


Wings of the ISANG “Wings”


SUZANNE “You Can’t Have Me”


Moti Feat. JUNE “GO”


Silverbell “Sorriness”


Noi “Quietly To You”


415 “Remember”


Verbal Jint Feat. Han Yo han & Jang Sukhoon “GabBoonSa”


20 Years of Age “Hindsight 20/20”


12DAL “Fall In Love At Night”


sean-pez, TOEFER, vicelynx, Env2, ODD-X “Gallop”






Hong Dae Kwang “I’m Sorry”


Sik-K “Addict”




TSUN “Tired”


The Black Underground “Pink Muhly”


VANNER “Better Do Better”


9Muses “Remember”


PIANO MAN “This Song”


KEY Feat. HANHAE “Cold”


The Night of Seokyo Feat. Dawon “Dancing in the Moon”


Uk “#why”


Junoflo “Icarus”


1ho “그렇게 밤이 깊어가고”


Samuel Seo “I hate Holidays”


Olltii “Money”


Damsonegongbang “In the night sky”


Park Sun Ho “Still”


Iony “It’s my fault”


MIYAO “Maybe Blue”


One K Stars “Korean Dream”


DK “Lie”


Young B Feat. 210, kuzi “REVENGE”


HUTA “With melody”