K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/23/19

40 music videos this week as we get some comebacks from LOONA, MONSTA X, Nickhun, Hyomin, Jay Park, Loco, and more. Lesser known artists you should be checking out are Aseul, Ra:Mi, BIYA, The Black Skirts, and ta U.

Full Playlist


LOONA “Butterfly”


7th Street “Life Goes On”


Brand Newjiq “Call Me Up”


The Black Skirts “Queen of Diamonds”


Ra:Mi “Road”


MONSTA X “Alligator”


NIKHUN “Lucky Charm”


LEO “Feel Love”


hi there Feat. Lee sa gang “Where are you”


TREI “Gravity”


Fromm “Firefly”


KKIKKI “We’re done her”


The Pink Lady “GOD GIRL”


WANNA.B “Leggo”


HYOMIN “Allure”


SF9 “Enough”




YUMDDA “zoom”


ta U “Midnight noon”


Unprettyhoodie “Give Me Love”


U Sung Eun “Deep”


6band “Island Boy”


Choco and Vanilla “결과론”


Loco Feat. pH-1 “Tangled Up”


Seven O’clock “Get Away”


Jung Il Hoon Feat. Babylon “Spoiler”


TELLO, LIMIT Feat. Absint, Owell Mood “Drowning”


Zgirls “What You Waiting For”


Zboys “No Limit”


Jay Park, Woo Won Jae “Engine”


B-FREE “Geek”




Geegooin Feat. Jay Park “Mudslinging”


HANHAE “아이구”


Shin Hae Gyong Feat. 김사월 “그대의 꿈결”


Nana Mellie “Let me love”


Aseul “Joke”


Boy Kim “fate”


BIYA “Milano”


Sugarbowl “sunset lovers”