K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/09/19

Only 23 music videos this week, which was expected given the Lunar New Year. There is still some great music here, with comebacks from Loco featuring Zion.T, ATEEZ, KYT (Koyotae) and HANHAE. Lesser known artists to check out are Lafee, Crazy Music, Choyoung, and xion.

Full Playlist


Loco Feat. Zion.T “It’s been a while”




Crazy Music Feat. Jin Min Ho “Sincere”


Crazy Music Feat. Kang Eun Ae “Memories of one’s first love”


HoneyG “Love never lies”


HarryBigButton “Wild East Blues”


O.WHEN “One Lukewarm Night”


Respeace “Will”


Choyoung “More and More”


Lafee “HELLO”


Lafee “R N R”


BAKSAL Feat. Rose bed “Clock FLOWER”


Kim Hyun Joong “WHY”


xion Feat. LEEBADA, Rick Bridges “Your Song”




ONF “We Must Love”


TWOFIVE “Miss You”


Oh Ki Ppeum “Maybe I”


Lee Jun Ho “Why Me”


KYT “Fact”


HANHAE “Flashback”


Loude “Out of Breathe”


Koh Na Young, Yun Won “Sleepless Night”