K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/10/18

My love is back this week! Hong Jin Young brings us her latest single and I have been listening to this on repeat a lot lately. I always love her Pop-trot style, and she doesn’t disappoint. We always have new music from Dynamic Duo, Hyolyn, Ailee, and more! While not 35+ videos like the last two weeks, the 20+ this week are filled with some great music. Enjoy!

Full Playlist


Hong Jin Young “Goodbye”


Dynamic Duo Feat. Suran “봉제선”


Son June Hyuk “The Night, Said Good-bye”


EOS “Ballad of full speed”


Ash-B Feat. Cherry Coke “BLOCKED”




Hyolyn “To Do List”


O.WHEN “Cause It’s First Time”


Huhgak “The Last Night”


NaEun, JinSol “My Story”


K Jun “Overclass”


Jalhyejun “Mystery”


OLNL Feat. 서사무엘 “Sweet”


Planetarium Records “Blind”


Naul “Baby Funk”


EDEN Feat. Jukjae “Good Night”


양네온 “멍든 기억”


Mona “Run Away”


Na Young Koh “Separated”


Luna X Heda “Free Somebody”


Ailee “Rewrite..If I Can”


Nick&Sammy “Far Away”


Fresh Boyz “Maha Sri”


Soulights “My Best”