K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/17/18

My favorite song from SUZY has arrived. I loved watching her perform SObeR on the music shows, so I was happy she made a video. Also the Kim YoungChul song this week is hilarious. If you watch only one video this week, please make it that! There’s also new releases from VAV, Mighty Mouth, Roy Kim and more!

Full Playlist




Kim YoungChul Feat. Wheesung “Andenayon”


Mighty Mouth “Uber”


VAV “Gorgeous”


Bae In Hyuk “I Am”


Maybe an Artist “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”


Joypark “Missing You”


Roy Kim “Only Then”


Yang Yoseop “Star”


Gilgu “What To Do”


JQ “Airplane”


MIRYO “Can I See You Again”


Park Boram “Will Be Fine”


kumira Feat. Lay.bn, wonstein “스물”


Zagmachi “God’s Lament”


Singil Station Romance “No One Can Love”


OLNL “Kokiriko”


Eun Ho “Box”


Kang Min Hee “Toddle”


Jang Han Byul “One A.M”


Min KyungHoon X Kim Hee Chul “Falling Blossoms”


Brick “Skip”