K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/03/18

Another 39 videos for your lovely eyes and ears to consume this week. Red Velvet, Suzy, gugudan, LOONA/Go Won, Goldne Child are just a handful of highlight this week. A lot of great music from high profile to lesser, underrated artists! Kick back, relax and enjoy!

Full Playlist


Red Velvet “Bad Boy”


Suzy Feat. DPR Live “Holiday”


Jang Hee Young, 6 to 8 “Can We Break Up”


VAV “Spotlight”


Slay “D-Day”


Jong Shin Yoon “Slow Starter”


Golden Child “It’s U”


ILLIONAIRE “No Switchin’ Sides”


Trickyneko “Scar”


The Eastlight “Real Man”


DEAN “Instagram”


Risso “Allergy”


Jay Park X Yultron “Forget About Tomorrow”


LOONA/Go Won “One&Only”


Kyu Young “Woo Ya”




OFA “Crazy”


Knave “Leave”


The Magus “Child’s Water”


CRACKER Feat. Yoon Hyun Sang, EZ Kim “Face”


CRACKER Feat. Kim Ho Yeon “One Day”


Kate Kim “So Long, Baby”


Los “Flame Boy”


Paul Kim “Premonition”


Sin Eun Mi “Dansim”


Choco & Vanilla “Love Affair”


BoA “Nega Dola”


Bumkey Feat. Suran, Loco “LALALA”


Davichi “Just The Two Of Us”


XION “Pass Me By”


gugudan “The Boots”


Jang Yeon Joo “Drink, But Never Get Drunk With Him”


Jang Yeon Joo “Night Breeze”


Northpole725 “SUN”


Soul One Feat. Paloalto “Thank U”


Han-All “Don’t Hide”


Black6ix “Alone”


NRG “Go To The Pyeongchang”


A-MIN Feat. Vincent Laurent “Don’t Think”