K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 02/02/19

35 Music Videos this week, and we finally have an actual music video to “DDING”, and it is just as hype as the song. We also have comebacks from CLC, Rothy, MINSEO, Neon Punch, and another Hi-Lite Records track. Lesser known artists to check out this week are Park Chaoreum, MUSTB, DECADENT, Rick Bridges, and more!

Full Playlist


Jvcki Wai, Young B, Osshun Gum, Han Yo han “DDING”


CLC “No”


Rothy “Blossom Flower”


Yoon Dukwon w/ Siwa “Spring Again”


Kyung Dasom “Your Time”


Park Chaoreum “The End Of The Day”


Lee Si Eun “A Sad Memory”


Lee Soojin “ICELAND”


punchnello Feat. Crush, PENOMECO “Blue Hawaii”


punchnello Feat. Feat. SAAY “Winter Blossom”


Yun DDanDDan “Our Memory”


Mckdaddy “x2”


Reddy, Sway D, Paloalto, G2, YunB, Huckleberry P, Jowonu “Air”


TOEFER “Forget”


MINSEO Feat. Paul Kim “2cm”


NeonPunch “Tic Toc”


MUSTB “i want u”


Kim Soo Chan “YOU & ME”




Joypark Feat. BOiTELLO “Outline”


Lee Sun Jung “그리움”


Sugarbowl “orange night”


Kwonmilk “Love, My Friend”


Uk “what u want”


Mago “Wind Blowing From The East”


B-Free “Wild Wild West”


fla4free “SCARS”


AWEEK “The More I See”


Rick bridges “Cinderella”


jeebanoff “B.T.N (Better Than Now)”


JAEMAN “With You”


BewhY “나의 땅”


Jiselle Feat. Chancellor “받지마”


VIXX “Walking”


Isaac Hong “Campfire”