K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/26/19

45 new music videos this week featuring the debut of new girl group, Cherry Bullet!  Also we have comebacks of SEVENTEEN, Hyomin, B1A4, LeeSoRa featuring SUGA of BTS, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are YOYOMI, Haruna, Pally, Nieah, BLSG.

Full Playlist


Cherry Bullet “Q&A”




Bang YongGuk “Hikikomori”




영기 “한잔해”


AZERC Feat. JAM2Y “Gab Sung Sun”


Ump & Coco the Rich “Two Cans of Beer”


punchnello “absinthe”


Chiyeul Hwang “A Walk To Goodbye”


TEN to TEN “Time Machine”


Choi Dong Heock “A Night Sky”


우찬양 “그럴때마다 난 건반을쳐”


YURI “Follow Nature”


NIEL “Behind You”


Onestar “A tearful farewell”


GILLA Feat. KU HYUN “without saying anything”


LeeSoRa Feat. SUGA “Song request”


Hyomin “U Um U Um”




Shin JiHoon “Happy Ending”


PALLY “청소”


Ravie Nuage “Blue”


Hello Ga-Young Feat. MIND U “In a dream”


Yoon Jong Shin “Taxi Driver”


Woody “Fire Up”


OVAN, VINXEN “Snowflake”


양정승 “아름다운 비밀”


Wussami “움집 고?”


Roh Tae Hyun “I Wanna Know”


Lee Seok Hoon “Don’t love me”




Colde “Loss”


BESWEET “Until it’s gone”


The Black Underground “Jive Twist”


Lim Chae Eon “Like A Flower”


Song Boram “Leaving You”


LINDA “Sky Whale”


Nieah Feat. Syler “Deserve It”


JANNABI “Like when we first met”


BLSG “If sun is changing”


Big Five “Everyday Comes”


Haruna “Like A Movie”


Twoet “If I say I love you again”


JaeHan “The untold story”


B1A4 “A Day Of Love”