G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Songs of 2023

NewJeans are dancing on a sidewalk with numerous other extras also dancing around them

I can’t believe 2023 is over and this year;s Top 100 K-Pop songs playlist is complete. I always say how much time I spend on this, but I can’t emphasize it enough of how I was listening to my Top 100 at least once a week to ensure the best playlist possible. I even made some changes just in the past week because songs I kept being iffy on I would finally pull the trigger and replace with something else or drop lower down the list. One thing I noticed this year was that I liked a lot of pre-release and B-Side releases way more than the title tracks.

As always, I create this list based on my preferences and enjoyment of K-Pop. I don’t look at where songs charted or how many views/listens a group’s fanatics have managed to push to a ridiculous inflated number. I’m here to showcase my love of K-Pop from the biggest names to artists that may have netted a thousand views on YouTube. Music is about more than fandom for me, and I won’t stand for attacks from anyone, but am always open for discussion.

In regards to XG being on the K-Pop Top 100. While a Japanese group, XG crosses over a lot in to the K-Pop side of things. They are stationed in Korea, perform on music shows, and even chart on Korean music charts. I made the decision to include them on this list based on these factors and discussions with other fans in my Discord. If you don’t like them being included, that’s on you and not really my issue. For me they deserve the recognition they get as a crossover group and their spots on this list regardless of what others may think.

Below you will find both YouTube and Spotify Playlists depending on your preference. I highly recommend listening to the playlist from top to bottom at least the first time through, as that is the 100 to 1 order as I meant it to be.

A special announcement on why FIFTY FIFTY “Cupid” is not on this playlist: “Cupid” was left off the Top 100 even though it would have placed Top 10 as I will continue to boycott ATTRAKT while they pursue legal action against the former members. These young ladies have been stuck in the middle of multiple parties that hold all the power, while the girls are being manipulated, and continue to be the scapegoat in the public eye. Instead of focusing solely on going after The Givers or Warner Music, ATTRAKT CEO is instead going after the poor ladies because its an easier fight. #BOYCOTTATTRAKT


Here is the full list of artists and songs on the playlist
100. YUL2 “Paranoid”
99. Div “Burden of Love”
98. BIBI & Becky G “Amigos”
97. NCT DREAM “Broken Melodies”
96. KISS OF LIFE (Natty Solo) “Sugarcoat”
95. CHERRY BOY 17 Feat. SUPERBEE “풍각쟁이”
94. Zion.T “UNLOVE”
93. Whee In “In The Mood”
92. OVAN “Credit Cookie”
91. Kwon Jin Ah “Love Me Love Me”
89. JK Kim Dong Uk “T O R O N T O”
88. it’s “sitcom”
87. Rothy “Something Casual”
86. VINXEN, Im Soo “sOs”
85. Motte “After Sunset”
84. ultramodernista “Summer Mirage”
83. JINI “Bad Reputation”
82. aespa “Drama”
80. Aylah “Stupid Cupid”
79. KISS OF LIFE “Shhh”
78. HEEO “Beautiful Monster”
77. BOYNEXTDOOR “One And Only”
76. NMIXX “Love Me Like This”
75. Heize “빙글빙글”
74. NCT 127 “Fact Check”
73. SWAN “Twenty”
72. CODE KUNST Feat. Gaeko, MINO “Jumper”
70. IVE “Off The Record”
69. Stray Kids “MEGAVERSE”
68. cignature “AURORA”
67. My Yellow Poney “Neon Ocean”
66. Dynamic Duo “Pied Pipers”
65. 성민지 “오빠 오빠!”
64. Epik High Feat. Hoshi “Screen Time”
62. Agust D “Haegeum”
61. DreamNote “BLUE”
60. ATEEZ “Crazy Form”
59. Leellamarz, NSW yoon, Street Baby “We like to party”
58. CODE KUNST Feat. Yerin Baek, WENDY “55”
57. ONEW “O (Circle)”
56. CHEETAH, Eunice, 도연, heya ㅎㅇ “WANT”
55. SORN “Not A Friend”
53. KISS OF LIFE (Haneul Solo) “Play Love Games”
50. (G)I-DLE “Queencard”
49. The Rose “You’re Beautiful”
48. Zior Park “QUEEN”
47. BOBBY “f”
46. NewJeans “ETA”
45. TAEYANG Feat. Jimin “VIBE”
44. ID:Earth “ALIENS”
43. MONSTA X “Beautiful Liar”
42. MAMAMOO+ “dandang”
41. PURPLE KISS “Sweet Juice”
40. Stray Kids “LALALALA”
39. KISS OF LIFE (Belle Solo) “Countdown”
37. V “Slow Dancing”
36. P1Harmony “JUMP”
35. KAI “Rover”
34. HWASA “I Love My Body”
33. MARK “Golden Hour”
32. KIM SO YEON “Pick Me”
31. Jung Kook Feat. Latto “Seven”
30. Weeekly “Good Day”
29. (G)I-DLE “Allergy”
28. Stray Kids “S-Class”
27. Kidd King Feat. punchnello “GO LOUD!”
25. Woo Yerin “let it go! (daisy)”
24. xooos “Naked”
23. KISS OF LIFE “By My Neverland”
22. (G)I-DLE “I DO”
21. JEON SOMI “Fast Forward”
20. AKMU “Love Lee”
19. 1CHU “SIREN”
18. IVE “Baddie”
17. ITZY “None Of My Business”
16. MIRANI Feat. pH-1 “Asphalt”
15. PURPLE KISS “Autopilot”
14. Izykite “Diver”
13. LE SSERAFIM Feat. Nile Rodgers “UNFORGIVEN”
10. IVE “Kitsch”
09. NewJeans “OMG”
08. KEY “Killer”
07. Stray Kids Feat. Tiger JK “TOPLINE”
05. Zior Park “CHRISTIAN”
03. Bryn “Fill Me Up”
02. IVE “I AM”
01. NewJeans “Super Shy”

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