G-Nitro’s Favorite Albums of 2022

5 members of Pop Rock band, Magnolia Park, stand around 3 small stacked shipping boxes, at eh side of a convenience store near a dumpster.

This is a huge list of all the albums I enjoyed throughout 2022. In years past I limited this post to 20 or 25 albums, but this year I decided to just let it be. Why limit the amount of great albums I enjoyed this year from others’ enjoyment? So this is the end result, and it features K-Pop, J-Pop, synthwave, future funk, pop, rock, etc. Check out albums again that you already love, and also bask in the discovery of new music you haven’t heard yet! This was a great year for music all around, so I’m hoping for the same in 2023!

The Weeknd “Dawn FM”


Yung Bae “Groove Continental: Side A”


Fools in Fourteen “Fools in Fourteen”


Macross 82-99 “SAILORWAVE III”


Girls’ Generation “FOREVER 1”


Katzù Oso “Tmí”


ao “LOOK”


Neon Vectors “Disco’s Revenge”


mxmtoon “rising”


Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “Cold As Weiss”


milet “visions”


beabadoobee “Beatopia”


Strawberry Station “Talk Of The Dancefloor”


Hayley Kiyoko “PANORAMA”




NoSo “Stay Proud of Me”


All The Damn Vampires “Synth City”


Rina Sawayama “Hold The Girl”


Taylor Swift “Midnights”


The Motion Epic “Deep in the Heart of America”


BIBI “Lowlife Princess: Noir”


Lolo Zouaï “PLAYGIRL”


Magnolia Park “Baku’s Revenge”


Carly Rae Jepsen “The Loneliest Time”


Discoholic “Discoholics Anonymous”


Sobs “Air Guitar”


NNAMDÏ “Please Have A Seat”


Sasha Alex Sloan “I Blame The World”






Little Glee Monster “Journey”


Denzel Curry “Melt My Eyez See Your Future”