Beer and Vinyl Pairings – 01/10/21

For 2021 I am launching my brand new weekly series that will be featuring my beer and vinyl pairings I post to Untappd and Instagram. I used to post all the pairings each evening or the following day, but I feel that is creating a flood of posts some weeks that waters everything down. So I’ve decided to compile my favorite pairings in a weekly post, instead of just throwing them all together. This will feature usually between 5 and 10 pairings, and you’ll be able to see why I paired the two together. I will admit that majority of the time it will be aesthetic or color based. Sometimes you will find there is a deeper reasoning behind the pairings. I won’t give it away, so enjoy the fun of figuring it out.

Below the gallery you will find links to listen to the music, as well as the websites of the breweries/cideries to find the beer! If you still want to see all the pairings as they happen, please follow me on Instagram and keep an eye on my stories. You can also send me a friend request on Untappd to see my ratings of the drinks.



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