K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/09/21

zemean "Puzzle"

I can always tell it the winter in the K-Pop scene as the music tends to mellow out a lot, and this week showcases just that. There are still a handful of songs to amp you up, but be prepared for a more relaxing week. 22 music videos this week featuring MCND, A.C.E, Yumdda, Coogie, Jeong SeWoon and more! Lesser known artists to check out are 19(NANA), Lofibaby, Sophiya, and Newton.

Full Playlist


Woody “Just stay at home”


LeeZe “We don’t love anymore”


Seo gi “Go back”


Radio Paradise “Sunset”


Coogie Feat. GRAY “POW”


swja “in the bed”


YUMDDA Feat. Northfacegawd, JUSTHIS, Layone “John Cena”


연 “Falling Down”


roon “Time does not wait for us”


Sophiya “사랑할거예요”


Jeong SeWoon “In The Dark”


HEYDAY “A Light Of A Dream”


KEEMBO “Love Me 4 Me”


MCND “Crush”


19(NANA) “we build sand castles on Earth”


zemean “Puzzle”


A.C.E Feat. Thutmose “Fav Boyz [Steve Aoki’s Gold Star Remix”


Lofibaby “Decalmonie”


Lofibaby “Croquis”


Kim Min Sik Feat. Jynn “He Loves Me”


Newton Feat. Miel “Inertia”


Wooks Feat. Crucial Star “JUST”