2022 J-Pop – City Pop – Future Funk Playlist

Image shows a Japanese woman singing, with multiple people behind her with their arms out in different directions

2022 is reaching its end, so my end of year music lists are kicking off this week. I am starting with my Spotify playlist that combines a few similar genres. This playlist consists of J-Pop (pretty much any Japanese music to include Rock, Hip Hop, etc), City Pop, and Future Funk.  There are over 100 songs this year, and even though this is dropping today I will probably add more music even in the future. A lot of times Japanese music releases don’t drop on Spotify at the same time as music videos on YouTube. So I try to remember to go back, but a lot of times I forget and then add them much later. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this playlist as much as I do. It’s a great one to toss on shuffle.

If you missed 2021’s J-Pop – City Pop – Future Funk playlist, you can check out that post here!