K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/21/18

Just wow this week… 50 plus videos. I’m pretty sure it is now my largest batch for 2018. A lot of good music this week, and I even included three videos from Amber’s mixtape at the end. We see new music from Yoonmirae, SOYA, HA:TFELT, WAX, and more. Lesser known acts to check out are SOMA, KOTPADO, HOME STAGE Feat. Eun Young Lim, and Bosudongcooler.

Full Playlist


Yoonmirae “KAWI BAWI BO”


Soya “Oasis”


WeAreYoung “I Know”


SOMA “Spring”


Jin Won “Every day you”


Jin Won “A confession of love”


TKSOUND Feat. Samantha Gang “Lost”


Young West “MBST”


E Hyuk “I’ll Live”


The Rose “Baby”


KOTPADO “Memory of the Spring”


Singil Station Romance “My Heart”


Damsonegongbang “You Resembling Spring”


Vanilla Acoustic “Travel”


HOME STAGE Feat. Eun Young Lim “Rain & Umbrella”


byebyesea “LOVE CALL”


WAX “Kiss”


IMFACT “The Light”


AkKE “Blue”


순순희 “참 많이 사랑했다”


Eddy Kim “whoa whoa”


Whee In Feat. Sik-K “EASY”


JBJ “Call Your Name”


Aurorasting “Sangsoodong”


June “Serenade”


L-like Feat. George “Awkward”




Jo Hyun Ah “After You”




HYO Feat. Ummet Ozcan “Sober”


HA:TFELT “Pluhmm”


CANDO “Rain Drop”


Han Yeoyoo “Sometimes I Wonder What Love Is”


Class Mate “Feel Good”


Zaystin “Mariana”


MINSEO “Growing Up”


APink “Miracle”


IN2IT “SnapShot”


Samui “Distorted Circle”


Yeo Journey “PLEASURE”


Jaylogic “지금말해”


Bosudongcooler “Kill Me”


Animal Divers “Horizon Noir”




MIND U Feat. CHEEZE “Bored”


OOSU:HAN Feat. O.WHEN “Leaving You”


NANO “Punishment”


Owen Ovadoz Feat. Loopy “changes”


LUNCHSONG project “Sill love song”


BAY P “Woo”







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