K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/14/18

A week under 40 music videos, so yay to a slightly smaller load this week! It isn’t without its star power, as we have the comebacks of TWICE, Drunken Tiger, Eric Nam, JK Kim Dong Uk, and SUPER JUNIOR. As much as I love that, you all know I enjoy bringing you the lesser known artists. My personal favorites this week are Jeon Yoo Bin, Carla, HABI, FiNE, and EZEN. Make sure you also check out the humorous hip hoop track released by GIRLKIND this week, titled Broccoli.

Full Playlist


TWICE “What Is Love?”


Drunken Tiger “YET”


Lee Hong Gi, Yoo Hwe Seung “Still Love You”


Jeon Yoo Bin “Dance of Love”




Horim Feat. Paloalto “Sug4r”


Plugged Classic “Heavy Mind”


JK Kim Dong Uk “Pray For Love”


JK Kim Dong Uk “Reminder”


Eric Nam Feat. Woodie Gochild “Potion”


Eric Nam “Honestly”


이지선 “Drawing”


FiNE Feat. 빌리, 언피 “벚꽃 팝콘”


GUNMIN X HEEDO “Don’t Worry”


CARLA “I Don’t Need You”


Wanna “What You Wanna Do?”


EXO-CBX “Blooming Day”


HyeongseopXEuiwoong “Love Tint”


GIRLKIND “Broccoli”


JooYoung “Daydream”


EZEN “Clap!”


Kang Gogh w/ Sigma “Here, In Seoul”


HABI “소개팅”


Changmin Lee “Think Too Much”


YOO SEONHO “Maybe Spring”


WE’D “The Same Place”


O!Gon “줄까해”


Vanilla Acoustic “Like That”


Mad Clown, Ailee “Thirst”


SUPER JUNIOR Feat. Leslie Grace “Lo Siento”


Siggie Feb Feat. Kembetwa “Europe”


Shin Yong Jae “Today”


SiYoon “Alone”


Young Jun “Don’t Leave Me”


BURSTERS “Eternal”


SEI “Nobody Knows”