K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/30/17

Last post for new K-Pop MVs of 2017, and it’s actually a lot stronger selection of music than I expected. One song even managed to sneak in to my Top 100 because it was that good right from the first listen. I hope you enjoy this great selection of K-Pop as we are about to head in to 2018, and I can only hope that next year brings as strong a crop of music as 2017 did.

Full Playlist


LOONA/Chuu “Heart Attack”


YOUNHA “Parade”


Uhm Jung Hwa “She”


EXO “Universe”


Postino “Such A Word”


The Barbarettes “Santa Claus is Coming to Down”


Double V Feat. Kim Saeng Min “3 Do”


Honey Pot, Haeun “1226”


Jung Dong Ha “Sunshine”


BUMZU Feat. Sik-K “I’m Good”


Tako & Jhyung “몇 시에 퇴근해”


Still PM “Alcoholic”


GIRIBOY Feat. George “The Graduate”


Chawoo Feat. DOKO “알아줬으면”


YASU Feat. JJK “흔적”


Sunwoo Jung A Feat. IU “C A T”


Yang Da Il “lie”


Zena “Jozee”


Wonderful Machine “So Nice”


Kim Na Young “miss u”