K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/28/19

The final weekly K-Pop post of what you should be checking out in 2019 is here with 19 songs from a slew of amazing talent. Featuring Red Velvet, MoonByul, Drunken Tiger, Stray Kids, JiYeon, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are 234, Ohan, Motte, and Yuzion.

Full Playlist


Red Velvet “Psycho”


MoonByul “Snow”


Shin Won Ho “Invasion”


Yuzion Feat. hu57la “Ballin’ Remix”


Stray Kids “You Can STAY”


Stray Kids “Mixtape: Gone Days”


Drunken Tiger Feat. MC Meta, Dok2 “이름만대면”


Grizzly “Vienna (Deep Brown Eyes)”


Ohan, Motte “외출”


LAYONE Feat. Ash-B “Love Paradox”


Damoim X DF FILM “중2병


Lim Heon Il Feat. WISUE “Capture”


ChangMo Feat. Chung Ha “Remedy”


234 “집에 가는 길


GIRIBOY Feat. YUNHWAY “What’s Wrong”


JiYeon “Take A Hike”


Crush Feat. Zion.T “Nighty Night”


Kim Wan Sun “Here I Am”


S+FE Feat. Luka Lavish, ZENE THE ZILLA, KOR KASH “조심행”