K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/21/19

22 music videos this week as we approach the end of the year. Thankfully it seems like the best of the year is over as I am completely focused on the Top 100 K-Pop of 2019. 1 week left and I hope nothing comes out to destroy what I have compiled so far. Anyway check out the latest featuring BRYN, CL, San E, and MFBTY. Lesser known artists are Lucid Fall, Dvwn, HUR, Punch, and Fishin Girls.

Full Playlist




Woojoo Jjokkomi “White Winter”


Basick Feat. The Deep “CHOCO”


HUR “Dark Love”


서기, 기련 “You’ve been thinking”


Dvwn “Last”


JINBO Feat. Digital Dav “SEAGULLS”


Seehansong “C Between B and D”


Punch “Yesterday”


CL “+ONE AND ONLY180228+”


CL “+THNX190519+”


Norwegian Wood w/ IT’S “To you who couldn’t sleep”


San E Feat. errday “우리다시잘할수있을까”


Fishin Girls “응 니얼굴”


FANXY “Stress”


Lucid Fall Feat. CHAI “두근두근”




hu57la Feat. Yuzion “One Take”


nafla “merlot”


Bae In Hyuk “My Love (Merry Kissmas)”


Mia “orgel”


YEAR OF THE OX Feat. Chef Roy Choi “Joa”