K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/23/17

I really hope there aren’t any Christmas Scrooge’s visiting this week, as the Winter and Christmas songs are at full tilt this week. If that is what you were looking for, then you can rejoice. We have some great songs and performances from TWICE, Ladies’ Code, Apple.B, and so many more. So sit back and enjoy, and I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Full Playlist


TWICE “Merry & Happy”


Ladies’ Code “My Grown Up Christmas List + Last Christmas”


Jvcki Wai “Anarchy”


CHEEZE “See You Again”


laysha “Pink Label”


2minent Feat. Chad “Light”


SHA SHA “White Story”


Poy “Time Flies”


wetter “You n Me Us”


Kyungri, Jung Jin Yoon “White Christmas”


Lee young ha “Parting In Love”


Moon Moon “물고기”


Eddy Kim “POOM”


BtheJ “Bang Song”


the Night of Seokyo Feat. Dawon, Lazier “Fallin’ Snow”


Goodnight Stand “Home”


2LSON Feat. Hannah Jang “Mona Lisa”


Crush “be by my side”




Kei.G Feat. YungJoon “Winter Time”


ABRY “Lonely Christmas”


GIRIBOY Feat. 김승민 “Whyyoumad”


PREMU “이런날엔”


nafla “Fly High”


Kim Young Geun “Under Wall Road”


VIBE, 4MEN, BEN, 김동준, 프란시스, 요셉 “Goodbye Santa Claus”


Lee Joon Wha “꿀잠”


Soo “Sweet Lie”


YoungJin Kim w/ ARKAY “Alt+F4”


Naul “Gloria”


Seungwoo Chon & Paul Kim “Hello Christmas”


BOiTELLO Feat. Ripely “We Don’t”


ZIK9 “Listen To The Music Alone”


Apple.B “Heart Signal” (Cover)