K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/22/18

51 Music Videos this week as we see comebacks from WINNER, SEVENTEEN, JIYEON, Eyedi, and an odd video of WJSN featuring Mickey Mouse. We are also slammed with a barrage of new Christmas and winter music this week to continue getting everyone settled in to the season. Lesser known artists to check out are Jainebel, greengrim, Seo Eun Kyo, and Daybreak.

Full Playlist


Eyedi “Caffeine”


JIYEON “One Day”


The Quiett Feat. Hash Swan, 우원재 “멀리”


Jessica “One More Christmas”


Yesung X ChungHa “Whatcha Doin'”


DinoSoul, Baek Ji Ye, BaeCyo “Solo Christmas”


Kwon Jin Ah “This Winter”


QM Feat. O’NUT “Odor”


cott Feat. PERC%NT “blue winter”


FNC Artist “It’s Christmas”


Junggigo Feat. SOMA “Swish”


GyoJung “With Anxiety”


JaeHan “In The Winter”


April “Take My Hand”


Bandro “341 Bus”


Kang Hye Yeon “great”


CHIMMI “Cinema”


Kim MinSeok “Good Night”


JERASTAR “Entropy”


TaeHyun Nam “Black”


Seo Eun kyo “Love”


Ahn Seunghoon w/ Aisle “Where Is Santa”


Yu Seung Woo “Dream”


WINNER “Millions”


Trippy Kev “Trippy”


Hippy Was Gipsy “Homecoming”


Jainebel “I Need You Mind”


Jainebel “Think Of You”


Jainebel “Moonlit Night”


Hyehwadong Boy “Hyehwadong Carol”


The King “I’m Coming To You”


Shim Hyun Bo “Sweet Hug”


KIRIN & SUMIN “Welcome To Club 33”


Chun Sung “once again”


Chun Sung “beautiful”


Han Yeoyoo “Prompter”


Greengrim “lamf”


Jang Deok Cheol “If I KNew”


fla4free “Snow”


PENOMECO Feat. Crush “No.5”


SooYoung “Winter Breath”


SEVENTEEN “Getting Closer”


Page “Miracle”


JANNABI Feat. SuHyun “Made In Christmas”


Peterpan Complex “Song For Christmas”


lony Feat. Lee Bo Ram “Stay With Me”


WJSN & Mickey “It’s A Good Time”


Blue Lamb “Wolf”


Daybreak “넌 언제나”


Jay Park “Million”


Various Artists “119 Remix”