K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/15/18

47 new K-Pop Music Videos this week featuring TWICE, EXO, Heize, Flowsik, DAY6, and more. Also the Christmas music continues to roll in this week for those looking for K-Pop to help boost their holiday spirit. Lesser known artists to check out are Bay P, anna, Gaho, and Pretty Brown.

Full Playlist


TWICE “The Best Thing I Ever Did”


EXO “Love Shot”


Heize “First Sight”


Flowsik “Kari”


Hyungdon & Daejune “Secret Love Song”


Bay P “Snow In Your Eyes”




DAY6 “Days Gone By”


B1A4, OH MY GIRL, ONF “Timing”


G2 “Getaway”


스무살 X 레터 플로우 “스웨덴세탁소 ‘그 겨울'”


Pretty Brown, It’s “By My Side”


Land of Peace “Happy Kushy Days”


Anna “Let It Snow”


선우정아 “천국은 나의 것”


Gaho “Preparation For A Journey”


Lee ChangSub “Gone”


Reddy Feat. SKY-HI “Stand By You”


NickHun “Umbrella”


Dal.Project “이불”


기원 “너의 말들에”


LADIES’ CODE “The Last Holiday”


Joy o’clock “Don’t leave me”


Kim Areum “Lonely”


VAV “So In Love”




The Night of Seokyo Feat. GUREUM “You and Me”


TraxX “Escape”


Marcus Way “I Want It All”


Eian “±36.5°C”


Yang Chang Keun “Christmas U”


Nam Woo Hyun “A Song For You”


HELLOVENUS, ASTRO, WekiMeki “All I Want”


YeriX런쥔X제노XChaeMin “Hair in the Air”


Y?UH “Blah”


KimBoKyung “A Rough Day”


Yoon Jong Shin “Molyn2”


Younha “Snail Mail”


BUZZ “Missing You”


Son DongWoon X SeoRyoung “Color Me”


Kim Jo Hoon “A babe in the woods”


Jade Feat. Seungmin ‘Would You Love Me The Same”


Lim HyunJung “God bless you”


Francis “90 days”


Ryu Zee Su “Miss A Night”


Woogie Feat. G.Soul “Call My Name”


Jin Won “A Parting Day”