K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/28/19

28 Music Videos this week, and it’s been awhile since the number was that high. It was nearly over 30, but I did some trimming before it went live. This week sees comebacks from TWICE, Jessi, J-Hope, Fin.K.L, AKMU, SONAMOO and more! Lesser known artists to check out are gracie, Ara, Chan Hwi, and Melody Pink.

Full Playlist


TWICE “Feel Special”


Jessi “Who Dat B”


Fin.K.L “Like The Song Remains”


J-Hope Feat. Becky G “Chicken Noodle Soup”


gracie Feat. Junny “Conquest”


LUNCH Feat. OVAN “Bad Bye”


Loopy&nafla “FLEX”


Loopy&nafla “Atlantis”


Chan Hwi Feat. 김동범, 정솔, 이강호 “Let’s Go”


Rhythm Power Feat. SOLE “6AM”


Sik-K X Coogie “Wet The Bed”


Melody Pink “Hey U”


Jeremy Quest “Check”


Yoon Jiyoung Feat. Car, The Garden “a will”


AKMU “How can I love heartbreak, you’re the one I love”


JJAX “Run Away”


Kifflux “Be A Man”


Hoody “MIRO”


SONAMOO “We Are Legendary”


Paloalto “Move On”




Gaho “Pink Walk”




Minty “Arcadia”


Woody, Francis “Vacation”


Samuel Seo “Jungle Riot”


Ara “Wish”