K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 09/21/19

After a slower week last week, the number of new songs this week jumps back up to 20 new songs for you to enjoy. We have comebacks from Dreamcatcher, KARD, Saturday, LABOUM, SEVENTEEN, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are JDLE, bobae, Burningsoda, jeebanoff, MUZIN, and more!

Full Playlist


Dreamcatcher “Deja Vu”


Soovi “Chained Up In Diamonds”


KARD “Dumb Litty”


HENG “Summer’ssummer”




JDLE “Cinderella”


RAIN, SoYou “Beginning”


TEEN TEEN “It’s On You”


LEES2UN Feat. J.Yung “Youtube”


Junoflo Feat. G2 “5eoul AM”


Burningsoda “Change my Heart”


bobae “ORMG”


LABOUM “Firework”


Punch “Sometimes”


MUZIN Feat. D2ear “OIIO”


Saturday “BByong”


3EYE “OOMM (Out of My Mind)”


jeebanoff “The girl in my memories”


Bray Feat. SOHLHEE “Movie on Weekend”