K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/11/18

Stray Kids and Red Velvet come back this week, while LOONA releases their teaser song leading up to their full debut. We have two really good hip hop songs this week with Paloalto and SOMDEF, so don’t miss out on them. Check out these lesser known artists: NANA, Cherry On Top, 12Dal, and Say Sue Me.

Full Playlist


Paloalto Feat. ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D, & SuperBee ”


NANA “Jelly”


Stray Kids “My Pace”


Red Velvet “Power Up”


Apollo, No.11, Ekko, SungJoo “Honey”


Orange Fang Fang Boys “3 MINUTE”


SISSO “Air Balloon”


WooIn “That Night”


D-CRUNCH “Palace”


Hollen “Summer”


DailyNote “Where Are U”


Lenny Makes Something “WAVE”


Say Sue Me “We Just”


BEN “The First Night”


LOONA “Favorite”


12DAL “A Second”


Jang HeeWon “Summer Love”


Yoon Jong Shin “Mr. Real”


8crayz, ModernT “Mummerism”


AIVAN “Curious”


Jihye Byun Feat. Marcus McLaurine, Nick Dekens “Mai a Mi”


SOMDEF Feat. Loco, Bravo “ONE PLUS ONE”


U Sung Eun Feat. Jung Il Hoon “Hug Me”


늘 “변함없는것”


E MEL “Tomorrow”


Cherry On Top “FIVE”


Sundae “How?”


HOONS “Sweet & Salty, Sweet & Salty”


Crush Feat. CIFIKA, Byung Un “RYO”


TaeYeon X MelloMance “Page 0”


Brave Girls “Rollin'”


Dope’Doug “Rodeo STAR”