K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 08/04/18

I think last month really spoiled me with all the great music, as the first week of August is here and I thought it was mostly enjoyable with only a couple stand out songs this week. iKON and the collab of GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, and Swings were the two hot tracks for me this week that I keep repeating. Other than that it was a good week, but not great. Check out these lesser known artists though: Greenmango, Streets of Gold, Leesun, and Sujin.

Full Playlist


iKON “Killing Me”


GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, Swings “Flex”


Sujin “The Childhood”


WeAreYoung “Whisper”


Leesun “PATTAYA”


Boogie “Beautiful Night”


MIRYO “Yellow”


TWEETY “바다야”


Ji Young Hoon “Everytime”


LEO “Touch & Sketch”


SF9 “Now or Never”


HoneyBee Feat. Zesty “Tell Me Why”


GRACHI “Young dung fo”


GRACHI Feat. Gumni “Get Out”


Hanscur Feat. Charles Shin “TOOMUCH”


Streets of Gold “RIDE”


표은지 “Melt Away”


ODEE X VIANN Feat. Sumin & DOCSKIM “Fake Love Seoul”




Villain “Manitto”


Yu Jun Sang “Suddenly”


gracie Feat. Vandal “Tell Me”


gracie “25/7”


gracie Feat. moonc “Hustle”


South Club “GROWN UP”


BTOB-BLUE “When It Rains”


NATURE “Allegro Cantabile”


Cho Kyu Chan “Deja Vu”


SHIN, MINCHUL “My Rooftop”


Greenmango “이유가 뭘까”


키비, 김명훈, 박규영, 정건주, 배지환 “Must Come”