K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/10/17

G-Dragon released his latest song this week, as did INA, and both are really well done. Eddy Kim also releases what is sure to be another hit from him, new videos from DAY6, ELRIS, and FTIsland. Plenty more this week too, as the summer months tend to bring about a lot of new music!

Full Playlist


INA “Love Doll”


G-Dragon “Untitled, 2014”


Eddy Kim “Heart Pound”


SunBee “Love Love Love”


Ma EunJin Feat. d.ear “I Understand”


ELRIS “You And I”


G-reyish “Johnny GoGo”


DAY6 “I Smile”


FTIsland “Wind”


ChungHa Feat. Nucksal “Why You Don’t Know”


Cool Running Feat. Seulki Oh “Bolt & Volt”


Jang Hee Won Feat. 김민석 “5cm”


Sweet Sorrow “First Love”


LUTTO Feat. Don Mills “Simple N Honest”


ATO Feat. 코스믹걸 “hello there”