K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 06/27/20

N.O.M "I'm not but" MV

It’s the final week of June, where we are all probably happy another month of this crazy year is coming to a close, yet also worried about what July might bring us. Gremlins, mole people? I kid, but this year has been absolutely insane and I’m glad that K-Pop is having one of its best years in terms of music. Music can help give us a break or distraction when we may need a mental break from all the stress, pain, and anxiety from current events. So this week I have 22 music videos featuring BLACKPINK, BTS, SEVENTEEN, Golden Child, V-HAWK, Bizzy and more. Lesser known artists to check out are BEATPELLA, Dawon, Cha Ga Eul, and Wazzy. I hope even if for an hour or so, this helps you relax and find a well deserved break from the craziness of the world.

Full Playlist


BLACKPINK “How You Like That”


SEVENTEEN “Left & Right”


GIRYEON “Our Home”


Kim Na Young “Not Anyone Else”


N.O.M. “I’m not but”


BTS “Stay Gold”


Maddox “Sleep”




Cha Ga Eul “If you drink..”


Golden Child “ONE (Lucid Dream)”


cott Feat. onthedal “VELVET”


Lim Ha Ram “Secret Crush”


DEMIAN “Karma”


THAMA Feat. george “Do It For Love”


Wazzy “Wash away”


BEATPELLA “Don’t Call Me Angel”


Dawon “Midnight Blue”






Sik-K “RSVP”


Bizzy “Everything is everything”


Lee Seung Yoon “Shut Up & Squat”