K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/27/17

Loco came out with his latest album swinging, as he dropped not just one or two music videos, but four of them. They are all really good and I definitely think people should check them out. Other standouts this week were Marmello, LUTTO, Kreisha Chu, and Lucia. I hope everyone enjoys are another great week of new K-Pop songs and music videos!

Full Playlist


Loco Feat. DPR Live “Movie Shoot”


Loco “Brighten Your Night”


Loco Feat. Dean “Too Much”


Loco Feat. Hoody “DA DA DA”


Marmello “Puppet”


Nangnam Band “Spring”


Shin Hyun Woo “So Amazing”


MeiMei Jane “Forever”


Goretexx, Black Nut, HAN YO HAN “Silky Bois”


LUTTO “Jingle”


Kriesha Chu “Trouble”


YEZI “Anck Su Namum”


Kyuhyun “Goodbye For Now”


Neil x Big Banana “Fade Away (Gone)”


Yong Yong “Scribbling”


Nam Taehyun (South Club) “Hug Me”


Joo “Late In The Morning”


Lucia “Song of Candle Dripping”