K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 05/02/20

It’s the first weekend of May and I have 23 videos ready to be served up for your listening pleasure. HA:TFELT brings us 3 new music videos off her new album, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, it is fantastic. We also have comebacks from Chung Ha, OH MY GIRL, NCT DREAM, BIBI, MINSEO, GIRIBOY, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are Hanna Jang, AQUINAS, eunoo, and Kim Shin Ill.

Full Playlist


Chung Ha “Stay Tonight”


NOIR “Lucifer”


BEN “Bad”


KIRIN “Let Me Groove”


RIO “Wash Away”


OH MY GIRL “Nonstop”


Kim Shin Ill “Love Fades”


YongYong “Lost Ember”


MINSEO “No Good Girl”


Mac9 “Rocket Boi”


HA:TFELT “Solitude”


HA:TFELT “Life Sucks”


HA:TFELT “Cigar”


eunoo “We All Do”


Mckdaddy “Anticlockwise”


GIRIBOY “Just Kidding”


E.DA & SEJIN Feat. Di1e “It’s You”


BIBI “Kazino”


HAHOE X MOAI Feat. TAKUWA “똥 싼 바지”


NCT DREAM “Ridin'”


Hanna Jang “Runaway”


YELO, John Park “Airplane Mode”