K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/27/19

49 Music Videos this week, with the most anticipated comeback of the year! TWICE is back, and I might just be a bit biased, but I’m loving the new track. A great mix of cute and mature that feels like a good stepping stone to possibly a more mature sound as they continue to grow. We also have new music from N.Flying, PERC%NT, Eyedi, YOYOMI, and Bizzy. Lesser known artists to check out are TSLW,  109, Gyepy, O3ohn, and Bambi.

Full Playlist




Eyedi “& New”


YOYOMI “surely”


TSLW “wet drivin'”


109 “We need to meet now”


HyoJung Feat. MIMI – “Sky”


Saebin “Stay Here With Me”


TARGET “아름다워 ”


Son DongWoon “In the Silence”


Gyepy “Half Moon”


Joy o’clock “Serenade”


Soul Flight “Love Me Like You Do”


Kim Gyu Tae “On The Stage”


highsoul “Mom”


Minje “Welcome Love + Yellow”


Yoon Jong Shin w/ Jang Beom June “After you leave me”


VIANN X Khundi Panda “Anxiety Party”


Broccoli You Too “Honja Sarayo”


BabySoul “A Piece of the Moon”


Soya “Fade Away”


조정민 “Ready Q”


Kim HeeChul “Old Movie”


Eian “Simple”


OWOL “I Can’t”


N.Flying “Spring Memories”




hyangni “Letter from Virus”


Bizzy “Distance”


WooIn “Playground”


J1, 박정은 “술집 구석에서”


Bambi Feat. CMBY “Time in blue”


PERC%NT Feat. Choiza “Canvas Girl”


MIND U “Selfish”


Basick “ijustwannadance”


Newkidd “Tu Eres”


ChanYeol “SSFW”


Yoon JiSung “I’ll Be There”


O3ohn “Good Guy”


K Jun “Yoga On Your Bed”


Look Purple Stars “Space x2”


Kwak Dong Hyun “Time To Say Goodbye”


KOO “Tell Me”


Emon “Step With Your Breathe”


Yang Da Il “Tonight”


Nine9 “Dreamer”


Coogie “Title”


Samuel Seo “Cruise”


ZEMINI “Please”


F.B.I “Wouldn’t”