K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/20/19

43 new music videos this week for your ears to feast upon. We have the latest from Kisum, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, Apink (Happy 8th Anniversary!), and HASHTAG. Some lesser known artists to check out this week are Im Som, THREE1989, wetter, and Stephanie.

Full Playlist


Kisum Feat. Woody “Say Hi”




Hong Jae Mok “Clementine”


Midnight “Swish”


NUNSSEOP “yeah yeah yeah”


Lee MinHyuk “Blue Night”


monogram “Once Again”


KCM “겁이 난다”


KCM “크게 울어”


Hong Kyungmin “그대가 그대라서”


YUNGDAN “Keep Going”


So!YoON! “Holiday”


wetter “GGONDAE”


415 “shining star”


HASHTAG “Freesm”


2FAITH Feat. Anpi “Gwacheon City”


The Yangbans “Around Midnight”


Car, The Garden “Tree”


Yoon Jong Shin “Shuffling”


Jeong Hyo Bin “The First”


Im Som “Love Me”


Ra.D Feat. Michael “30”


cacophony “Comme un poisson dans le ciel”


Lee Byoung Hyeon “RIVER”


Moon Junguk “Nothing Changes”


20 Years Of Age, Boramiyu “Spring Christmas”


LOGAN “black”


Kim Eun Bi “PPP”


D-9INE “The End Of The World”


PERfuMEckin Feat. Futuristic Swaver “월화수목금퇼”


2NB “If I Hadn’t Known You”




Jung Seung Hwan “The Voyager”


Stephanie “Man On The Dance Floor”


Kaya “I Just Wonder”


Linda Floresta “If You Want”


The Chain G “Drunk”


C-Young “10년째 무명”


Apink “Everybody Ready?”


THREE1989 “Umbrella”


O’YOUNG “내 곁에 있으면 좋겠어”


Lee Jang Woo “Will You Marry Me?”


YOUNGJAE “Another Night”