K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/25/20

As many of us continue to need an outlet right now, I hope you find these 22 new songs helpful in someway. This week features new music from HA:TFELT, Solar, ZICO, Kang Daniel, Kanto, APRIL, and more! Lesser known artists you should definitely check out this week are Hanseul, Soovi, Choi ye Geun, and Kim Yoon Hee.

Full Playlist


Kanto Feat. Bumkey “Favorite”




Soovi Feat. pH-1 “Make the Move”


Dark Moon “the petals of my heart”


Dark Moon “Forgotten, Vanished”


Hanseul “New Life”




BVNDIT “Children”


Tommy Strate Feat. Kid Milli “어머님은”


Kim Yoon Hee “ABC”


HA:TFELT Feat. SOLE “Sweet Sensation”


HA:TFELT Feat. ASH ISLAND “Satellite”




Choi Ye Geun “Scarecrow”


H&D “Soul”


H&D “Good Night”




Lil Cherry & GOLDBUUDA Feat. YBN Nahmir “Is Hot!”


ZICO X Kang Daniel “Refresh”


Solar “Spit it out”


I.K Feat. Joob A “One Life”


Raina “Ann”