K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/18/20

I hope everyone is handling the isolation/quarantine well, and if you aren’t, that is okay. It’s not an easy time and I hope like with past weeks, my weekly post can help ease the stress, even if just for a bit. So there are 21 music videos this week bringing us brand new music from Apink, CRAVITY, GIRLKIND, Loopy, ZELO, KCM, and more! Lesser known artists I recommend this week are Ju Ye In, UZA, PAXCHILD, and Crystal Tea.

Full Playlist


Apink “Dumhdurum”


GyeongseoYeji “Actually.. I miss you”




PAXCHILD “Spring is here”


Dopein “Don’t”


Dasutt “Pigeon”


Liquor Feat. Sleepy “Nightmare Of You”


EK Feat. COVA “빵댕이”






Loopy Feat. CHANGMO “ANA”


Wavycake Feat. Ayul, Wally “Beautiful”


Crystal Tea “Roman Porno”


Ju Ye In Feat. TAEKWOO “Sad Ending”


UV Feat. Kim Jung Min “Jungmin Bro”


KCM “이런 이별도 있어”




I.Q “April Win And Poetry”


Bora M “Feat. Handae “DONE”


DICKPUNKS Feat. JUKJAE “Parallel Lines”


ZELO “She and Malibu”