K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/24/21

Last week of April, and I’ve got 22 new K-Pop music videos for you to enjoy. We have the 10th anniversary songs from Apink and B1A4. I also have new songs featuring Whee In, DAY6, NU’EST, P1Harmony, and more! Lesser known artists to check out this week are Parrheesia, Achtung, and YunGGI.

Full Playlist


MRSHLL w/ CHAI “deserve better”


Achtung “KISS”


김선규, Dodi, Young la Flores, Younghak, 이로치가이, Lil Eyes “맨홀뚜껑”


DAY6 “You Make Me”


GreatGuys “Touch By Touch”


SORAN “Be with me”




Apink “Thank you”


Parrhesia “혼자 하는 이야기지만 네가 꼭 들어줬으면 좋겠어”


P1Harmony “Scared”


YunGGI “Overdose”


Sunny Hill w/ Hwang Daniel “After meeting you”


Touched “Regret”


Whee In “OHOO”


Whee In Feat. GSoul “Butterfly”


Crystal Tea “Romanticist A.I.”


meenoi “DOOL”


LambC Feat. Stella Jang “Fortune Teller”


IZ “Missing U”


W.A.O “On The Fire”


YESUNG “Phantom Pain”


B1A4 “10 TIMES”