K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 04/17/21

As the weather around me can’t decide if it wants to be warm or cold, I’ve been hiding in the house focused on the latest batch of music for you all. I bring you 29 K-Pop music videos this week featuring Paloalto, SHINee, DAVICHI, Whee In, KYUHYUN, MAJORS, and more! Lesser known artists to check out this week are Minhye J, Nieah, and AVOKID.

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Full Playlist


yourbeagle “To Me”


Chuther “Remember”


Paloalto & pH-1 “Mungpal”


Minhye J “Knock Knock”


SHINee “Atlantis”


SKULL Feat. Mommy Son “WHOO”


DAVICHI “Just hug me”


21univ. “Love Naturally”


Choi Yu Ree “둘이”


KYUHYUN “Coffee”


Whee In “water color”


AVOKID Feat. Jayci yucca “Hate You”


Eunoia “Run into you”


Kim Hee Jae “Follow Me”


Dvwn Feat. lIlBOI “연남동”


Kim Na Young “A Letter For You”


Susan “Lucent Sky”


IU “Epilogue”


DONGKIZ “Universe”




Yoon Ji Sung “LOVE SONG”


PARA9ON Feat. Huh! “Malfoy”




UV Feat. Kwon In Ha “Too Close, I’m Sorry”


MAJORS “Dancing in the starlit night”




CaribeSafari Feat. Guishaw, Shaky Young “음악으로 전국제패”


Nieah “Lemonade”


Kebee “Suitcase”