K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/25/20

What a week! Not only do I have a great batch of 17 music videos for you, I got to see ITZY in concert and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see how their concerts will look when they have a much larger catalogue, because they killed it with the ones they currently have. On to the music this week, we feature new music from KIARA, Dynamic Duo, Paul Kim, Chung Ha, and Crush. Lesser known artists to check out this week are Poetic Narrator, co_os, and seoninjang.

Full Playlist




co_os w/ I AM LUU, Crispy “Why,tonight”


STANDING EGG “I know what is the love after broke up”


nafla “good morning”


seoninjang “At This Moment”


Kim Dong Wan “Red Shoes”


Poetic Narrator “I’ll Take Half Of Your Sorrows Today”


Poetic Narrator “Sometimes I Desperately Want To Be Sick”


Poetic Narrator “Some Flowers”


Paul Kim, CHUNG HA “Loveship”


Gavy NJ “I’m in Sinchon”


twlv “California”


Crush “Ibiza”


Dynamic Duo, CHEN “혼자”


KCM “버릇처럼 셋을 센다”


KANTO “Out Of The Blue”


D-Hack Feat. greenbeige “KUROI STA”