K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/18/20

19 music videos this week that feature an interesting Art Film featuring a dance company for BTS’ latest song, Black Swan. We also get new music from TAEYEON, ZICO, Insooni, GREE, and ENOi. Lesser known artists to check out are MISA, KO A JUNG, Loosen Door, and meenoi.

Full Playlist




ZICO “Any Song”


GREE “Stop it”


ENOi “Cheeky”


MISA “Night Drive”


2Z “My 1st Hero”


Loosen Door “Sylvia”


meenoi “3M”


Eian “Rainy Day”


BOL4, Vanilla Acoustic, Sweden Laundry, 20 Years of Age, Boramiyu, Choi Yuree, Kim Ji Soo, Letterflow, WH3N “Awkward”


Jhnovr “U”


Zoorumpug “Convulsion”


FreeXKid “She Ja”


REDCHAIR “Riverside of The Han River”


Insooni “Happy”


KO A JUNG “Sorry”


MACKELLI “separate from, night”




BTS “Black Swan (Art Film performed by MN Dance Company)”