K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/12/19

32 Music Videos this week featuring a song by ZENE THE ZILLA Featuring Jvcki Wai which I can’t stop listening to. We also have new music from Apink, WJSN, KNK, iKON, Junoflo and more! Lesser known artists to check out are yeesang, Whoru, SillyShu, and Hyung Ji.

Full Playlist


ZENE THE ZILLA Feat. Jvcki Wai “Liquor”


Apink “% % (Eung Eung)”


WJSN “La La Love”


Young West “VLONE”


Jebi The Blue “Dive Into You”


O.WHEN “Today”


iKON “I’m OK”


KNK “Lonely Night”


Eun Gaeun “Goodbye”


LUNA Feat. Choiza “Do You Love Me?”




이인혜 “변화무쌍”


BigDD N SoulPowder “문득”


PERfuMEckin Feat. South Light, Gregory Lee “29Rush”


SOSIMOPPAS “Together in that winter”


Junoflo “Statues”


VERIVERY “Ring Ring Ring”


ONEUS “Valkyrie”




Ronny Chu “Typical Ending”


G2 Feat. Lyricks “I Don’t Know”


STi “Fvck”


Pretty Brown “The Edge of Love”


Yoon Jong Shin “Lucy”


Yoon Jong Shin “도피”


yeesang “I See”


Whoru “Without U”


Hyung Ji Feat. HVDR “Valentine”


SillyShu “CheongHa”


Monday Kiz “Winter it is as I wished”




Purple LP Feat. YDG, Kaya “Gloomy Monday”