K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 01/05/19

43 Music Videos to kick off 2019. We have new music from LEES2UN, Chung Ha, Bumkey, SHAUN, LUNA, and more! Lesser known artists to check out are Van Gyunam, Sejin, RooRee, J-CAT.

Full Playlist


LEES2UN “Moonlight”




BUMKEY, Yang Da Il, Taewan, 강민희, MXM, 빈센트블루 “Sweater”


Soo “Goodbye”


Macho King “Credit Utopia”


Lim Jae Hyun “Please Come Back”


Baek Ji Woong Feat. Yang Da Il “Blurred”


SHAUN “Bad Habits”


SHAUN “Terminal”


SHAUN “Traveler”


Kelly Green “Number Nine”


RYEOWOOK “I’m Not Over You”


RYEOWOOK “Drunk in the morning”


Team X Feat. Fvrt “Modern”


Dino.T “Father (not for you)”


CHUNG HA “벌써 12시 (Gotta Go)”


M.C the MAX “After You’ve Gone”


YDG “Going Home”


DreamNote “좋아하나봐”


SEJIN “Forget You”


Van Gyunam “Keep Smiling Superman”


Van Gyunam “마지막 노래”


Van Gyunam “새벽”


Van Gyunam “Love And Peace”


Van Gyunam “사랑 여행”


Van Gyunam “우리가 하늘을 나는 날”


Van Gyunam “휘파람”


Van Gyunam “안녕”


Van Gyunam “그대의 자유”


Ooa “Time to Love”


24 Flakko x Mutant The $eoul Kid “Sin”


Nuthang “vroom”


Ahnchorong “겨울 기억”


Jang Hee Young “A Woman Like This”


Mckdaddy Feat. Ja Mezz “Shut Up”


YunB “Woah Woah Woah (Remix)”


J-CAT Feat. Rick Bridges, WD, Heavy Rain “FaceTime”


LUNA “Even So”


Rheehab Feat. Microdot “Fish”


zai.ro “Couldn’t Forget You”


M.O.N.T “Will you be my girlfriend”


RooRee “Meteor”


JERO “Elizabeth”