G-Nitro’s Top 50 K-Pop Songs of 2008

SHINee member Jonghyun is standing outside a coffee shop looking in,. He's wearing headphones around his neck and a Member's Only jacket

It’s time for my final trip to K-Pop of  yesteryear for 2023. I went back and scoured YouTube for the best music videos and stage performances for my Top 50 songs of 2008. I’m really glad I’ve decided to continue with only 50 songs the further I go back, because the playlist I spent the last month and a half on came out really strong. I hope everyone really enjoys this list that represents what I feel is the best in K-Pop for 2008.

Come 2024, I will keep revisiting these classic years in K-Pop beginning with 2007. For the rest of 2023 though, I will be putting all my focus on this year’s Top 100. Until that is done, enjoy 2008’s Top 50 K-Pop songs!


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