G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2022

9 Korean women dancing on a stage with rocks, stairs, and a large circular raised chair around them.

It’s that time of year again, and I must say I am surprised by the rebound in terms of releases this year. After 2021 was somewhat of a dip after an amazing 2020, 2022 was pushing close to 2022 quality for new songs. The 4th generation made some serious waves this year, and I am all here for it. Don’t worry for the old heads, there are plenty of previous generation groups and artists still dropping hits.

I spent 100s of hours on this playlist throughout the year, and even put down my revisiting of previous years to perfect this. I was surprised at how much my like and dislike of a song could change as the time progressed. Songs I was sure would make the list fell out of favor, and songs I was meh about ended up growing on me and found a spot.

I do have to leave a warning about my playlist. I handcrafted this list based on my preferences and enjoyment. Many songs that were way more popular in terms of views and listens may not appear, but this list isn’t to validate anyone else’s fandom(s). I do this to showcase the best list that represents the songs I love, so I welcome discussion, just not attacks. I only provide this warning due to unwanted social media comments from previous years in which people get upset songs and artists they love are left off.

Below you will find both YouTube and Spotify Playlists depending on your preference. I highly recommend listening to the playlist from top to bottom, as that is 100 to 1 order as I meant it to be.


Don’t forget to check out all previous years of my Top 100 playlists by visiting the Top 100 page under the K-Pop category on the main menu above. They collect all the monthly playlists, and the Spotify one has extra songs not found in the YouTube version. You can visit my Intro To K-Pop page for the current year’s playlists being compiled, as well as more information to find previous years music, and links to discover and enjoy more K-Pop. Also join my Discord, where you can see the monthly playlists early, and talk K-Pop and other subjects with myself and other awesome people.