G-Nitro’s Favorite Albums of 2021

2021 has ended, and with that I am continuing my trend from 2020 of featuring my Top Albums that features the best music I listened to outside the realm of K-Pop. In 2020 I ensured I got the number of my favorite albums to 25, and this year I decided to try to keep it close, but not exact. Once I was done putting this together, this feels like the best list to represent my favorites of 2021.

While there is a good variety of genres I listen to and featured below, I definitely included more Synthwave in the playlist compared to other genres. I especially love the vocal synthwave sub-genre, which is definitely obvious below. Even though synthwave was my favorite music of 2021, my favorite albums of the year stepped were outside of that genre. My top two are Dante Elephante’s “Mid-Century Modern Romance”, and NoMBe’s “CHROMOTOPIA” in a close second. Out of everything I listened to this year, those are the two albums I recommended more to others than anything else on my list.

I hope everyone who checks out the music below enjoys the variety, and find something new to listen to and love. Happy listening!


Dante Elephante “Mid-Century Modern Romance”




The Motion Epic “Boardwalk Arcadia”


City Girl “C-GIRL”


Duckwrth “SG8*”


Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio “I Told You So”


Bunny X “Young & In Love”


Qveen Herby “A Woman”


CHANMINA “Harenchi”


Lana Del Rey “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”

Roxi Drive & SelloRekt/LA Dreams “Feel The Beat”


Japanese Breakfast “Jubilee”


Julia Michaels “Not In Chronological Order”


Lexie Liu “GONE GOLD”


Timecop1983 “Faded Touch”


Pink Sweat$ “PINK PLANET”


BarbWalters “Roses”


Ashnikko “DEMIDEVIL”


Priya Ragu “damnshestamil”


NiziU “U”




Adriwanwave “TIMERIDER 1983”


Tinashe “333”


Olivia Rodrigo “SOUR”


W O L F C L U B “Just Drive Part 1”


W O L F C L U B “Just Drive Part 2 “