G-Nitro’s 25 Favorite Albums of 2020

Everyone who follows me on social media at this point, should know I spend most of my year working toward my Top 100 K-Pop as my #1 priority. Yet if you’ve seen my beer and vinyl pairings on Instagram then you know its not the only music style I listen to. I actually spend a lot of the year listening to a huge variety of genres and artists. In years past I would post my favorite albums or songs of the year. Unfortunately I skipped this post for 2019 due to a health issue that kicked off 2020. With that said, I am bringing this post idea back in a different manner this year. I’m presenting you 25 of my favorite albums, which are in no particular order. After spending so much time ranking my Top 100 K-Pop, I felt it best to not try and grind out this list similarly.

So below you will find the albums I think are the best from 2020, and I think everyone should check out. I have also combined a couple albums for some artists that count as one where it felt appropriate that both releases kind of tied in together. So it’s technically 29 albums. Instead of showcasing music videos like in previous years, I will be embedding the albums from Spotify right in to the post. I am doing this as some of the genres like future funk, vaporwave, and others don’t have music videos to feature. This just felt like this was the better route to go with. I hope everyone enjoys the music as much as I did last year.


Limbo “Mixed Feelings”



Roxi Drive “Electric Heart”

Night Tempo “Funk To The Future”

Busta Rhymes “Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God”

Morgan Willis “Dreamer”

City Girl “Siren of the Formless” & “Goddess of the Hollow”

Duckwrth “SuperGood”

Band A Part “Templos Y Neones”

Beabadoobee “Fake It Flowers”

Strawberry Station “Smoothie Sounds”

Mxmtoon “Dawn” & “Dusk”

Michael Olatuja “Lagos Pepper Soup”

Ghetto Kumbe “Ghetto Kumbe”

Rina Sawayama “SAWAYAMA”

Blnkspc_ “Queens”

Taylor Swift “Folklore” & “Evermore”

Nubya Garcia “Source”

Tupperwave “Marina” & “Marina II”

Awich “Kujaku”

Snowdream “A Good Feeling”

Sasha Sloan “Only Child”

Blu & Exile – Miles