Beer and Vinyl Pairings – 02/07/21

This past week was a slow time for pairings as I found myself busier than normal. I definitely had planned for more beer and vinyl pairings, yet I could only eke out about five of them. Thankfully the five I managed to get done had the music and beer matched up well. I had a lot of fun, especially with Lou Rawls “Natural Man” and Threat Level Morning by Sapwood Cellars. The fact I was able to match up the beer can to the look of Lou Rawls’ tie on the album cover just makes me super proud. I hope people are continuing to enjoy these as much as I am bringing them together.

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A quick side note: While I usually provide a link to the artist’s albums via Spotify, De La Soul’s album is not available due to their ongoing dispute with Tommy Boy Records over their back catalog.


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