K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – 12/29/18

38 Music videos to enjoy this last week of 2018. 2018 has been an amazing year of K-Pop, and tomorrow I’ll be showcasing my Top 100 best songs of 2018. So don’t miss out.  But before that, check out this week’s crop featuring TVXQ, The Quiett, GIRIBOY, WAX, and more. Lesser known artists to check out are Lockers been, Park Soeun, LEES2UN, and YOYOMI.

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Lockers been Feat. 다이애나 “TRAFFIC”






Nakta Choi Feat. Exy “Love Professor”


WAX Feat. Kwak JinEon “A rising direction”


WAX “My Romance”


The Quiett Feat. Uneducated Kid “fuck all that shit”


The Quiett “glofo i”


CKP Company “Merry Christmas sweet heart”


Jo Donghee Feat. Kim Chang Ki “A Day In December”


KYT “Our Dream”


75 & Gracie “ggaddak”


SoRi Feat. JaeHyun “I’m Ready”


SOMDEF Feat. pH-1 “WAIT”


So Soo Bin “I Wish You Well”


Gogang “The Night”


i Feat. IGNITRO, WM, RYNO “My Goals”


Jon “Artist”


CZA “Persona”


순순희 “흔들어놓고”




Lips-Bite “Nowhere Michelle”


TVXQ! “Truth”


Lee Hyun “Let’s stop getting hurt anymore”


Ku One Chan Feat. Baek Yerin “How Did You”


GIRIBOY Feat. Kid Milli, ChoiLB, Kim Seungmin, Hayake “vv 2”


Airplaneboy Feat. SKOLOR & Icey Blouie “Kuruma”


Fromm “If You”


MADDY “The Queen of Hearts”


Park Soeun “Satellite”


Bandro Feat. Ryan “Playground”


Glow 9 “물고기자리”


Jawskim Feat. Breana Marin “Tokyo”


Jeong Min Gyun “Everywhere”


LEES2UN “Silhouette”


Slou.D “Oh, Ah!”


Kim Han Cho “Till The Year End”

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