G-Nitro’s Top 100 K-Pop Music Videos of 2018: 20 – 1

The final day is here, and you can see what were the best of the best with the Top 20 below. These are the songs that got the most consistent play or would just get to turn up the volume more than any other when the song would come on, so don’t sleep on any of these. You can find Youtube and Spotify playlists at the end of the post so you can enjoy the music uninterrupted.

20. Kuny Feat. ColorTheBen “Woo Yaaaaa”


19. Jclef “지구 멸망 한 시간 전”


18. Jvcki Wai “Enchanted Propoganda”


17. ZICO Feat. IU “SoulMate”


16. Jin Doggae x WILLYEOM “XXXL Future”


15. SUZY “SOBeR”




13. Reddy, Sway D, Paloalto, YunB, G2, Huckleberry P, Camo Starr “Break Bread”


12. SUNMI “Siren”


11. BTS “IDOL”


10. MaseWonder Feat. CHOILB “Love me”


09. FLowsik x Jessi “Wet”




07. NANA “jelly”




05. Paloalto Feat. ZENE THE ZILLA, Sway D, SUPERBEE “Shelter”


04. PENTAGON “Shine”




02. Red Velvet “Bad Boy”


01. TWICE “What Is Love?”


Full Playlist – Youtube


Full Playlist – Spotify

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