May 2021 Best of K-Pop Music Videos

This took longer than it should have, mostly because I’ve been playing a lot of Mass Effect legendary edition. My bad! So let’s get the best K-Pop music videos of May out there for everyone to enjoy. Honestly this was the toughest month in a long time. I truly struggled to narrow this one down compared to other months this year. The key reason being the amount of great stuff girl groups put out this month. I haven’t hidden my disappointment in girl group output this year, but May more than made up for that. Especially as we’ve seen the disbandment of both IZ*ONE and GFRIEND. I needed a month to bring my spirits back up. So let’s get in to this amazing month featuring EVERGLOW, BTS, NCT DREAM, Rocket Punch, TAEMIN, OH MY GIRL, AILEE and more!


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