K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching – January 2017

With my website being restored and revamped, my first order of business is reviving my K-Pop MVs You Should Be Watching blog posts. As you may notice the older weekly posts have been removed, but don’t fret, as you can still find my yearly best posts dating back to 2013.  I want to ensure people are current on everything from 2017. So I will be kicking off with the best of January, February and March, then finishing off with the best of the first half of April. I will then continue on like I used to, with weekly posts of what people should be viewing. Enjoy!

Full playlist

S.E.S “Remember”

S.E.S “Paradise”

AOA “Excuse Me”

AOA “Bing Bing”

San E Feat. Hwasa “I Am Me”

AKMU “Last Goodbye”

Suzy “Yes No Maybe”

Dynamic Duo, CHEN “nosedive”

Luna, Hani, Solar “Honey Bee”

Jessi “Don’t Make Me Cry”

Red Velvet “Rookie”

Sonamoo “I Think I Love U”

CLC “Hobgoblin”

Zion.T “The Song”

RAIN “The Best Present”

Sam Kim, Loco “Think About Chu”

Besweet “너의 컴퓨터 속 야구 동영상”

INA “Rainbow”

Aggie “Sullen”

HELLOVENUS “Mysterious”

Seohyun “Don’t Say No”

Crystal Tea “Twinkle Twinkle Little Scar”